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4K UHD Fluorescence Camera System

Features and Benefits:

Camera System

Fluoroscopic imaging technology enables the tumor boundary mapping by utilizing a fluorescent contrast agent indocyanine green (ICG). A special light source excites the fluorescent marker to produce a fluorescent signal that is converted into the special image on the display. It allows surgeons to navigate by the 4K high-definition fluorescence imaging, and switch between 4K white light mode, standard fluorescence mode, and fusion fluorescence mode at any time during the surgery, enabling quick identification of lesions, accurate tumor boundary mapping, blood flow monitoring, lymphatic system tracking and more tiny lesion identification. The fluorescence imaging with ICG helps perform procedures including precise and thorough tissue separation and tumor resection, control surgical bleeding and trauma, and effectively improve surgical efficiency.


Camera Head

  1. Adopt advanced 4CMOS spectroscopic technology
  2. The camera head adopts high-sensitivity sensor and advanced 4CMOS technology with 1600TV horizontal resolution.
  3. The images are truly restored with low signal-to-noise ratio through adopting 4CMOS sensor and optical fiber transmission.
  4. Integrated camera head, compact and reliable, easy to operate
  5. Ergonomically designed handle
  6. Support low temperature plasma sterilization and ethylene oxide sterilization


Dual LED cold light source

  1. Dual LED with white light source and fluorescent light source, white light color temperature ranging from 3000K to 7000K, color rendering index ≥ 90%
  2. LCD display, adjustable brightness, easy to operate
  3. Automatic LED light off upon disconnecting the guided light to prevent from damaging the user’s eyes
  4. Provide the display of equipment temperature and cumulative working time that enables system failure alert and emergency plan
  5. Enable the output of white light and fluorescence light separately or simultaneously
  6. Switch to fluorescence light by pressing the camera button, easy to operate



  1. High temperature and pressure resistance
  2. Resolution ≥ 1,200 lines
  3. The interface adapts to international mainstream camera brands
  4. Support low temperature plasma and ethylene oxide, etc.
  5. Support various means of sterilization



  1. Heating
  2. Smoke evacuation
  3. Cylinder pressure alarm
  4. Durable and stable performance