Talent Strategy

Significantly improve the use of talents
Enhanced competitiveness of our human resources would lay a solid foundation to help us achieve the strategic objectives. Kangji Medical sincerely invite talents around to world to join and work together in achieving the success.
“Everyone is a talent, and should be judged by their actual capability instead of their appearances”
We uphold the principle that “everyone is a talent, and should be judged by their actual capability instead of their appearances”, and encourage and foster the use of every employee’s talent to struggle and grow with the Company.
Embrace “people-oriented” concept in our management philosophy
We emphasize the development and fostering of talents and strive to create supporting conditions for the talents’ growth to retain them by career, growth prospect and culture.
Treasure the opportunity to communicate with talents from different disciplines
We actively participate various domestic and international exhibitions and forums, carry out industry-school-research partnership projects with top universities which are supported by the country’s policies, and invite domestic and international top-notch experts to visit our office for advice and guidance.
Encourage “direct, simple, pragmatic and open” communication
We promote harmony and mutual assistance between employees and sincere mutual trust between employees and the Company, and was committed to creating an equal and smooth communication environment for employees.
Development Principle
Development Principle
Adhere to the development principle of “equality, trust, and friendship”
Training Program
Training Program
Develop talent training program adhering to the value of “attracting talents, growing for the market needs”
Development Mechanism
Development Mechanism
Implement talent development mechanism of “exploring, developing, inspiring, and creating”