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4K-Ultra Resolution Endovision Camera System

Features and Benefits:


4K Camera Head:
1. Resolution: 3840x2160pixel, 8.29 million resolutions
2. Horizontal resolution: > 1800 lines, 4 fully customizable buttons
3. IPX8 waterproof, enabling sterilization by soaking, low temperature plasma and ethylene oxide
4. Low temperature heating design, whereas temperature perceived by hand does not exceed 37°

Imaging System:
1. 10 customized modes of usage for different specialties
2. A variety of advanced image algorithms
3. Interaction with the light source
4. Dual display (dual screen with recording support)
5. Compatible with USB3.0 for 4K video and pictures storage

Cold Light Source:
1. The color rendering performance of the cold light source is not less than 90, which can effectively restore the true color of the object without distortion
2. The color temperature is between 4000-7000K, which is closer to ordinary daylight enabling to restore the color of the objects
3. The life of the LED lamp module of the cold light source is not less than 30,000 hours. It enables higher power-saving, longer LED lamp useful life, and more convenient maintenance
4. It works with the imaging system to control the brightness of the light source, which is adjusted based on types of surgery
5. Auto mode enables it to automatically identify and adjust the brightness of the light source depending on types of surgeries