Kangji Medical won the Hangzhou City Government Quality Award

The Hangzhou City Government Quality Award was established by the Hangzhou City People’s Government. It is awarded to organizations (including enterprises or other organizations) that have implemented excellent performance management and achieved significant economic and social benefits in terms of product manufacturing, engineering construction, service provision, and environmental protection. The City Government Quality Award is conferred annually with 3 awards, among which “Hangzhou City People’s Government Quality Award” is the highest quality award conferred by the city government. No more than 3 organizations will be conferred for each award.

This year, Kangji Medical stood out from 9 company candidates, and won the 2021 Hangzhou City People’s Government Quality Award. We feel honored and proud. Founded in 2004, Kangji Medical is a state-supported high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of various endoscopic surgical instruments, disposable minimally invasive surgical instruments, implantable consumables and endoscopic equipment. As a leading enterprise in MISIA space, Kangji Medical is committed to play its role to lead and demonstrate the importance of quality, take quality as primary standard, help doctors and patients by offering them high-quality products and services, and make effort in contributing to the development of common prosperity demonstration zone in Zhejiang with high-quality.